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Hi! I am Gayatri Phadke. I help enthusiastic learners, to learn German and increase their adaptability quotient and cognitive skills via multilingualism. The diversity of languages and cultures in India developed an urge to travel and learn languages in me. Knowing their language got me closer to the residents of that state. They welcomed me with open arms just because I tried to speak their language. This urge opened my boundaries to learn languages. I started learning German. At one point, I thought learning new languages will not take me anywhere in life, but here is the twist to the story. Learning two or more languages, analysing, and comparing develops creativity, and imagination power and increases the ability to accept and evolve cognitive skills. This urge increased the Adaptability Quotient, which is a significant factor in today’s world. Thus learning German gave me an added advantage in pursuing my dreams. And I am sure it will empower you as well!

Gayatri Phadke

About Trainer

I am a passionate German and English Mentor, having expertise of more than 14 years. I work closely with the Education field, the Corporate Sector and Individuals. A competent professional with proficiency in customised teaching, training and development of both languages interpretation with a responsible approach.

I am part of Activities like Academic assessments and curriculum Evaluation, teaching methods and teaching.
Compliance with regulations, monitored examinations and Instructor to students.

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