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9 Tips to Accelerate Learning Any Language

1. Learn vocabulary in the right way:
Every word you hear in the target language is new. Initially, some are afraid to learn a
language. People think it is hard to memorise new words and discontinue even before
they finish the primary level course. 
And here comes the most important tip! It is not mandatory to become a dictionary
and to know every word in the language you are learning. To begin with, you can also
survive with the primary and frequently used vocabulary or grammar. 

2. Compare and find a twin or look alike:
You can compare the language to your mother tongue or any other language you have
mastered. There are many similar words in Sanskrit and German. To name a few
Bhrata (Brother) = Bruder or Mishran (Mixture) = Mischung. Naam (Name)= Name.
These look-alikes can make your struggle much easier.

3. We have come closer:
Technology has brought us very close. we can hence listen to YouTube channels by
native speakers, listen to podcasts or radio channels or learn via apps like Duolingo. 
4. Communicate directly with the natives:
You can find various Groups on Facebook or Telegram where you can connect
personally with the native speakers. You can probably offer some monetary assistance
to them for guiding you to learn the language in a better way.

5. Feel good to make mistakes:
Having said that do not repeat your mistakes rather learn from them. No one is
perfect. Get the feel of the language and your instincts will guide you on what is right
and what is wrong. Set achievable goals to rectify your mistakes and move ahead. 
6. Do not translate-
Do not translate the sentences from your mother tongue to the language you are
learning. Try to think in the language. Here is when the Teacher or Guide comes into
the picture. They will guide you on How to think in that particular language.

7. Who learns faster?
A child just absorbs the language the way it is taught. This increases the responsibility
of the teacher to teach the child correctly. adults on another hand can use various
memorizing techniques such as repetitive reading at regular intervals, mnemonics,
making mind maps, and storytelling teaching someone else. Recitations and using
flashcards can be used by both children and adults. 
8. Make quick shifts:
Try to move on to the next level as soon as possible. Be on your toes and be in touch
with the language. Listening and reading skills will improve speaking and writing
skills respectively.

9. And as I always say:
Revise, Repeat, remember and reproduce. Once you can reproduce it you will create a
revolution within yourself. This will lead to remarkable respectability. 
Hi! I am Gayatri Phadke! I am a German Language expert. I help enthusiastic
Learners to explore the world of Languages. Learning a language has no barriers of
age, formal educational background or professions.
I believe anyone and everyone can learn languages. Being Multilingual carves
different aspects of one's personality. It improves the ability to analyse things, think
creative, accept the occurrences happening around you.